Acting 301 for Film & Television

Acting 301 for Film & Television

with Ron Weisberg


Wednesdays​ 6pm – 9pm
September 1st  – October 6th

$550before tax

Includes 4 Free Audition Preps (Worth $160)

Welcome to a paradigm shift in actor traning 

The new Acting 301 For Film & Television is all about maximizing your time at the studio and getting the most out of your

training. This game-changing 7 week class and scene shoot is designed to move you at lightning speed towards your goals of

acting in film and television. We even show your hard work to agents for the possibility of getting picked up!  6 weeks of in

studio class with a 7th class to be scheduled for shooting scenes.

The class will culminate in the production of a professionally recorded scene that can immediately be added to your reel. 

Scenes will be shot using professional equipment with Actor/Writer/Director Ron Weisberg, alongside

Writer/Director/Cinematographer, Brent Peterson of Antigravity Films. We produce high quality scene sections that highlight

each actor individually with a dramatic or comedic monologue developed specifically for each actor’s brand.

Once edited, these scenes will provide powerful evidence to show agents, casting directors, managers, directors, producers,

and more, that you are the right actor

Suggested Prerequisites

Acting Fundamentals 1

Acting 101 for Film & TV

Email us at if you have any other questions!

Concerning COVID-19

Sol Acting Studios is doing everything we can to protect our community, students and staff. To this extent, Sol Acting Studios

will be following the Center of Disease-Control (CDC) with regard to social distancing practices and sanitation. We ask that

our clients disclose their recent history and continue to implement masking and social distancing guidelines.   All students

participating in in-person classes will be asked to sign a liability release waiver to ensure the safety of fellow students. 

Classes will not exceed 12 students and distancing measures and mask wearing will be enforced.